Partnerships  - EPISODE 04
Mikelina Belaineh  | Trans & Queer Youth in Sport and Movement with AMAKA and Nike FM  
08-11-22 / AMAKA
Belaineh is a professional powerlifter and boxer, and also Director of Impact at The Last Prisoner Project - which focuses on criminal justice and cannabis reform. They are also a scholar with writings which teach about gender, sexuality, and gender-based violence.
AMAKA Soundcheck Sessions - EPISODE 01
AMAKA Soundcheck Sessions | Yemi Alade
07-28-22 / AMAKA
In the first episode of AMAKA Soundcheck Sessions, we spotlight the one and only Yemi Alade, who gave an exclusive preview of her latest release, Begging, during our Africa Day event, 'An Evening with Yemi Alade'.

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